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A Sting In The Tale

A bit of everything in this short promo for Birmingham Marketing Agency Green Room Design and their client KIA.

We deployed the full arsenal over a couple of days to get some great results. Shooting in a unique space in West London was challenging to say the least. Whether from the ground, the air or even strapped to the side of a car, we managed to get the job done. Flying drones is particularly difficult in the capital and our pilot had conversations with Heathrow, CAA and Counter Terrorism before we even started, not your average shoot. This space gets over 200,00 cars pass it each day so we were keen to show how the process of designing something like this was achieved as well as the final glossy end product.

We also created a social media version and a documentary style version for the agency and we are now in planning stage for the next series of films as the ‘Stinger’ is replaced on display by the ‘Stonic’ and thats not the hedgehog.

This version is our favourite as it tells the story visually without too much fuss, so check out some of our other recent work and see if we can help promote your business, brand or product?

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