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We’ve been banging on about Staylittle Sessions for quite a while now and as the series draws to a close this Friday (5th June) on Made In Cardiff TV we thought we better upload a couple of our favourite performances to wet the appetite before we get around to releasing the full series on Vimeo & YouTube later this month. Although we loved all our guests we had more than a soft spot for these particular performances.

Episode 2

Featured the fantastic ‘Aled Rheon’ who visited us at Staylittle HQ and performed songs including ‘September’ from his debut release ‘Ser Yn Disgyn’. Although his album was released in his native Welsh, Aled translated two songs especially for us and performed them live and acoustic – this way we could also tell whether he used any bad language, particularly towards Matthew.

You can follow Aled on Twitter here ALED TWITTER follow him now – he loves a good follow!

Episode 3

Featured the supremely talented Maddie Jones who joined Matthew on the sofa to chat and perform tracks from her fantastic new album ‘Vita Brevis’ – Maddie has been a stalwart on the Welsh music scene for a number of years now, despite still only being in her early twenties. Here we have her performing the hauntingly beautiful ‘Soon’ which gets us every time.

You can find everything you need to know about Maddie Jones here on her website

Episode 5

Featured the incredible Jodie Marie – signed by Decca Records at the age of 16 – Jodie has gone on to become one of Wales’ brightest young talents and can be seen here performing ‘Later Than You Think’ from her debut album “Mountain Echo”.

You can find out more about Jodie on her own website JODIE WEBSITE 

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