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TenYfan – Documentaries from the Welsh Mountains

It has been our pleasure over the last two years to work with the guys at TenYFan www.ten-y-fan.org in making these two short documentaries. The event raises money for a different children’s charity each year and in total has raised over 150,000 in the last three years.

We always new it was going to be a difficult project, as conditions on the mountain can be changeable to say the least, but nothing really prepared us for the physical and technical challenges we would face over the 24 hours. In all Richard managed to complete seven full climbs and descents in 2016 (which were just as hard by the way) all with full camera kit strapped firmly to his back and as you can see through the wind, rain, fog, mist and occasional sunshine it was an incredible event to be part of.

In 2017 four was more than enough, as there was a lot more filming to be done, especially with an aerial unit to look after as well.

Its not always easy to reflect after being part of an event like this, but putting together these films has really served as a reminder of what a rewarding experience it was, we also managed to raise over £700 ourselves, walking over 70 miles in total and sleeping, well, not much (phew).

We have pledged our ongoing support to the charity so keep a look out for more updates.

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